Supporting You Through Emotional Support and Whole System Well-being Initiatives
We see you. We hear you. We support you.
We recognize the physical and emotional challenges that you continue to face, and we are focused on supporting you. We are advocating for changes to relieve unnecessary regulatory burdens, increased payments and flexibilities related to telehealth and vaccine counseling, financial support for your practices, educational loan forgiveness, hazard pay for those on the frontlines, policies that support safer work conditions, well-being, mental health, and more.
I.M Emotional Support Video Series
This year we released our I.M Emotional Support Video Series featuring fellow members offering practical strategies to cope with daily burdens, particularly as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact personal and professional lives. The series featured episodes covering a variety of different issues including:
  • How do I process my anger?
  • How do I maintain my compassion?
  • How do I help colleagues who need my support?
  • How do I help employees who need my support?
  • How do I communicate my needs?
ACP leaders also authored an Ideas and Opinions article in Annals of Internal Medicine, “Getting Through COVID-19: Keeping Clinicians in the Workforce, to send a direct message to employers at health systems, hospitals, and clinical practices to create strategies to support the well-being of you and your colleagues during this pandemic.
Our I.M. Emotional Support Hub continues to be a comprehensive collection of resources designed to help you improve your emotional well-being. Resources include easily accessible peer-support through the Physician Support Line and free and affordable, confidential counseling.
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